“Acupuncture had been recommended to me for a long time, but I just felt so stupid. I mean, maybe it could help me but I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even know who or what to ask. I finally tried it because my friend recommended someone she said would really listen to me and not push me to do more than I was comfortable with.”

— acupuncture patient May 2008.

Is this you?

Quantum Lifestyles seeks to bring information to people who think acupuncture might help them but aren’t sure what to ask.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese Medicine. It is based on foreign philosophy, but it’s not just for people who can embrace that. Acupuncture can help anyone, regardless of their religion or their beliefs.

Acupuncturists talk about diagnosis from a different paradigm, but it doesn’t mean their medicine is different. Doctors who also practice acupuncture, such a world renown physician and teacher Dr. Tran Viet-Dzung teach us that there is one medicine. Acupuncturists and Western trained physicians look at that medicine from different perspectives, but both seek to heal.

Quantum Lifestyles includes many features for many different levels of acupuncture understanding

For Acupuncturists, there is the Acupuncture Marketing Blog.

For patients and potential patients, there is the main site here. Please explore those topics of most interest to you.

For anyone, there is a list of recommended reading that might help you in your journey to wellness.