Afraid of Needles

Are you afraid of needles? Tell your practitioner. There isn’t a practitioner around who hasn’t had patients who are terrified of needles. Many do other therapies as well as acupuncture. This way you can see what they do and feel comfortable with this person before you even try out needles (if you ever do).

You should feel comfortable with the practitioner and understand that if you really don’t want something, you don’t have to do it. You may not get a real effective treatment, but it’s hard to get a great treatment if you can’t relax either.

Most people when they are afraid of needles aren’t afraid of the tiny filiform needles that acupuncturists use. These are not the hollow syringes that your medical doctor uses. These are closer to the pins that you use if you sew. However, pins are usually thicker in diameter than most acupuncture needles. Many patients after seeing the packages that the needles come in and how small they are, are suddenly far less afraid of the treatment than they thought they would be!

Consider reading more about acupuncture needles.

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