Tui Na

Tui Na as practiced in the United States is a form of massage that many acupuncturists learn in their training. Tui and Na literally mean pushing and pulling and practitioners are pushing and pulling the skin to ease muscle pain.

In China, Tui Na practitioners also perform manipulations of bones, rather like chiropractors do in the United States. Because of the differences in licensing, acupuncturists do not learn this type of practice. Instead, they typically have several chiropractors which whom they work when manipulations are needed.

Tui na is generally deep tissue work and can ease muscle pain very effectively. Each practitioner has their own style. Many acupuncturists do a lot of body work and incorporate tui na into their practice a lot. Others do very little body work. It depends upon what each practitioner likes.

This can be a very effective addition to acupuncture, particularly for those with muscle pain. After the needles are removed from the body, it can be helpful to have tui na across the sore areas to spread out the flow of qi that is now in the area.