Acupressure is another modality that some practitioners use as well as using the needles. One form is called Jin Shin Do.

Jin Shin Do uses many of the same theories that acupuncture uses. It often requires a practitioner to think far more about the channel pathways than they may otherwise think when using needles.

Jin Shin Do is more frequently thought of as alternative for pain conditions, however practitioners can get excellent results for more internal conditions. Patients who are afraid of needles often report surprising results to their practitioners when they ask about a more internal problem, such as heartburn or stomach conditions.

Jin Shin Do is a very mind/body oriented practice. Good practitioners talk to their patients, asking them to focus their mind on the parts of their bodies that are causing problems. Such practices can often bring up old issues for the patients, and if someone is primarily coming to work with a Jin Shin Do practitioner for this type of treatment, it can be helpful to also see a qualified therapist.

Fibromyalgia patients can do very well with this treatment as points can be held as softly or as firmly as necessary. It can be a far more tonifying treatment than the needles and often people with this type of pain enjoy this more than a traditional acupuncture treatment.

At the Jin Shin Do site, people can find lists of registered practitioners. Some practitioners are acupuncturists, others are massage therapists who have taken extra training to learn about acupuncture theory and incorporate this into their practice. Each practitioner has a slightly different focus, just like with acupuncture, so it is important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable.