Related Treatments

Many people think that acupuncturists just do acupuncture. However, their scope of practice varies from state to state and only your practitioner can tell you exactly what they are trained in.

However, acupuncturists are typically trained in Chinese Medicine. This encompasses the well known insertion of needles that we call acupuncture. It can also include cupping, gua sha and various forms of massage.

Some acupuncturists are also trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Finally, many practitioners get extra training. Acupuncturists are required to attend certain continuing education seminars. However, many also elect to attend more education in related fields. Some practitioners do colorpuncture where one holds colored lights on a point. Others choose to learn sound therapy, which may use tuning forks held on certain points.

Both colorpuncture and sound therapy allow practitioners to work more completely with sensitive patients. These less invasive forms are great for people who really don’t like needles and also for children. They may have strange names, but if you get to try it, just wait until you see the results!

Additionally other practitioners may have been specifically trained in forms of acupressure like Jin Shin Do.