Find an Acupuncturist

Looking for an acupuncturist can be daunting. It’s hard to trust someone when you aren’t really certain about the medicine to begin with. Most states license acupuncturists and any reputable person will be licensed. Typically this includes graduating from an accredited acupuncture school and passing a national examination, although California has it’s own examination. Some states also require passing a national examination on herbal medicine.

Acufinder is a great place to start looking if you don’t know someone who can give you a referral.

The person you choose should be someone you feel comfortable with. As an energy medicine, you need to feel comfortable being open. The more you can open up, the better the treatment will be. Your energy will flow, rather than binding up in fear or anxiety about what this person is doing. They should be willing to address your fears and concerns about the procedure, before, during and after the session.

Price shouldn’t be your only factor. While it is understandable that you need someone you can afford, it is more important to be comfortable with the person. Different practitioners have different styles. Community Acupuncture is a wonderful way of bringing acupuncture at a low price to a community but not every patient is cut our for this time of healing. Find out what your needs are for privacy and one and one interaction.

Although word of mouth is wonderful, someone who did a fine job for a friend might not be the right person for you. All of our bodies are different and every acupuncturist has a different style and philosophy of their art. Trust your reactions to the person.

Virtually all acupuncturists use sterile disposable needles now. Feel free to ask if the person you are considering uses them too.

Many insurance carriers will pay for acupuncture. If they require the person to be a provider with them, they will typically offer a list.